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Residential Survey

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Flood Zone Determinations and FEMA Elevation Certificates/LOMA’s

  • NHDES Shoreland Permitting

  • Mobile Home Park Design and Layout

  • Subdivision Design and Layout

  • Lot Line Adjustment

  • Prepare and Record plans

  • Mortgage Inspections

  • Site Assessments

  • Existing Conditions Plans

  • Septic Designs / Permitting

  • Current Use Plans


Commercial Survey

  • Construction Layout and Staking

        -Highway Layout

        -Foundations/Slabs (Residential and Industrial)

        -Wind Turbine Layout

        -GPS Control

        -Millimeter Accuracy Machine Leveling

        -Prefab Bolt Pattern Layout

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

  • Utility Easements and Rights of Way

  • FEMA Flood Zone Determination

  • NHDES Shoreland Permitting

  • Industrial Development

  • Fenceline Layout

  • Utility Easements

  • Rights of Way

  • Topographic Mapping

  • Volume Surveys

  • As-built Surveys

  • Wetlands Mapping

  • Septic Designs / Permitting

  • Photo Control with Aerial Mapping

  • HUB Zone Certified and Small Business Certified

  • Municipal Water and Sanitary Sewer System Mapping

Past Projects:

Lancaster, NH - Sewer Collection System Map (EPA-NHDES Required)

Gorham, NH - Sewer Collection System Map (EPA-NHDES Required)

11,000 acre and 4,000 acre ALTA/ACSM survey in Coos County, NH in 2009

4,000 acre tract in Newry, Maine in 2008

25,000 acre ALTA/ACSM survey in Coos County, NH completed in 2008

25,000 acre parcel in Coos County in 2007, a 5,000 acre project in Errol in 2005

25,000 acre project in Pittsburg, NH completed in 2002

Recent and Ongoing Projects:

DG Whitefield Biomass Plant - Quarterly Volume Survey

AVRRDD Mt. Carberry Landfill - Annual Volume Settling Survey

Lancaster, NH - Sewer Collection System Map (EPA-NHDES Required)

Gorham, NH - Sewer Collection System Map (EPA-NHDES Required)

Burgess Biopower - Core Layout

Burgess Biopower - Machine Leveling

Gorham Paper and Tissue - Tissue Machine Layout

Jericho Power - Wind Turbine site layout and Control

Brookfield Power - Penstock Layout and Control

Brookfield Power - Wind Turbine Layout and Location

FCI Berlin - 1,000 Bed Federal Prison Control, Layout, and As-built

A.R. Couture Construction - US Route 16 Roadway Layout- Errol, NH

                                   and US Route 2 Roadway Layout- Randolph, NH

Forms and Permits

  • Shoreland Permits

  • Site Assessments

  • Driveway Permits

  • Elevation Certificates

  • FEMA - Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA/LOMR-F)

  • Well Release Forms

  • Mortgage Inspections


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